Helena & Karma

“It was Karma! I happened to meet Hannah of Free Spirit Training Services in a pet store and was keen when I heard about the positive dog training service she offered. I had recently adopted an English Mastiff puppy that was about 3 months at the time. I was having a few puppy issues and because she is a giant breed was wanting some training for her while she’s still young. I had Hannah from FSTS come out for a private lesson where we talked about issues that needed attention and a plan for the next few months. One of the issues was nipping and biting frequently – Hannah not only showed me how to deal with and correct this but explained everything about why the methods work! After that first session she sent me a follow up list of the things we worked on and video of how to do them as a reminder! Very helpful…like having the lesson at your fingertips. It was not watching the clock it was giving the puppy the time she needed to be successful and using positive training. Hannah has been out for a second lesson now and we have already made more progress with a 50 lb puppy of not quite 4 months! I cannot say enough about the service and great experience I’ve had so far with FSTS – Hannah has been kind and understanding and available any time I have a question and has given me the confidence that my “little girl” will one day be a great and happy dog! Her name…. Karma.
Thanks Hannah for being there for us.”

Becca, Jeff, Flex & Crixus

“I have been training with Hannah for close to a year now and things have been amazing! We have a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix named Crixus who is 2 years old now. He was/is an extremely energetic, beautiful, crazy, smart and loving puppy! We knew getting a dog like this would be an adjustment, but it was a little more hectic than we anticipated. I ran and walked him daily (still do), however I felt he still needed more given his intelligence. We started taking classes from Hannah and she taught us how to read and work with him properly. She taught us how to correct his behaviour and how to keep his mind active so he was less destructive and more obedient. Not only did she teach us how to deal with him, but told us why these methods work and explained how dogs think and why they do the things they do. Hannah helped us figure out that a lot of his behaviour was due to him being bored and steered us in the direction of agility. We have continued doing agility with him, which is exactly what he needs! He is exhausted by the end of our sessions and loves every minute of them! Because Crixus was so successful, we decided to take our little guy, Flex (Pug/Yorkshire Terrier mix – 4 years old) for some agility classes with Hannah as well. I wasn’t expecting a lot from him and just thought it would be fun for him to try it out. He LOVES it! He has completely taken off with agility and I’ve never seen him so happy! We train with Hannah on a weekly basis and I am hoping to compete both our pups at some point in the future. Hannah is extremely understanding and has a great way of explaining things without making you feel like you’re doing something wrong. She always gives us multiple solutions to problems we have and gives us ideas for how to do agility at home. She has a special way with dogs and is always available to answer any questions we have. Hannah has given us all the tools and tips we need for our dogs and I am happy to say it is because of her that our dogs have been so successful! Thanks so much Hannah!” – May 2016

Lindsay & Chief

“Free Spirit Dogs Agility training is amazing!! Hannah is such a patient and fun teacher, and makes learning a new skill for you and your dog so easy and so much fun! My dog Chief is a 7 year old Papillon/Pomeranian cross.  When I first started class he was very hesitant to learn, and was not very “into” his classes.  Instead of running he was walking and was unsure of the different objects he was now to either go through or jump/run over. I could tell each class he was getting more and more confident with his newly learned skills.  We have taken two six week courses, and I think halfway through the second course something must have clicked.  Chief was picking up speed and performing the practice courses with ease!  I could tell he was having just as much fun as me! Instead of me slowing down for him, he needed to slow down for me!! We can’t wait for the next session to start so we can keep learning. 10/10 recommend Hannah and Free Spirit Dogs training/agility.”

Nicole, Gracie & Mia

“About two years ago I got the cutest little white miniature schnauzer, she LOVES people and she seems to have endless energy.  As much as I love Gracie  a person can only take so many pounces on the stomach when your laying on the couch watching Game  of Thrones!  I needed an outlet for Gracie to burn some energy and expend and give her some mental stimulation and let’s face it all that couch surfing wasn’t doing anything for my figure either.  We found Hannah and Free Spirit on Facebook and our lives have been forever changed.  If I even say the “A” word (Agility) Gracie starts running to the door and spinning in circles.  Hannah has been so amazing with everything from answering my millions of questions before classes started to one on one instruction at every class.  The classes are kept small no more than 6 which means that you get that extra help and coaching that you need.  Gracie and I moved on from beginner to intermediate at the next session offering and I started my other dog Mia in Beginner.  Let me tell you two hours of running around with your dogs will definitely ensure that you get your daily steps in!  Gracie and I will be moving on to Advanced agility in the spring and we can’t wait!!!  Mia didn’t love it quite as much as Gracie did, so for now I’m going to focus on learning with Gracie, once I get better I’ll be better able to help Mia.  In the meantime Mia and I will for sure be going to drop in sessions regularly! The other thing that I loved about Free Spirit Dogs is the environment that Hannah creates, I can honestly say I’ve walked away with several new friends.  Our class was so fun we’ve decided to move through the course sets together so we can all hang out every Tuesday night!  Our Tuesday nights are empty now without Agility for the next few months. If you want to get into something that will challenge you and your dog and have an extreme amount of fun while you are doing it you have to take agility with Free Sprit Dogs.  I wouldn’t take my girls anywhere else.  Like Hannah says, be careful you WILL GET ADDICTED!”

Jenna, David, Lola & Juliette

“If you are looking for an activity to enjoy with your dog besides the usual walk or run, you have got to try agility at Free Spirit Training Services. My dogs normally whine with excitement when we pull into the parking lot. Hannah provides a fun,  positive-learning environment for people of all ages/abilities and dogs of all  breeds. My husband and I have been taking lessons with Hannah for nearly two years with our nine-year-old Brittany Spaniel (Juliette), our three-year-old Greyhound (Shadow), and our two-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer (Lola), and we are hooked. It’s hard to tell who loves agility more – my husband and I or our dogs! Hannah’s passion for agility and love of dogs shines through during her instruction.  I highly recommend Free Spirit Training Services for anyone wanting to try out this wonderful dog sport!”