• Our system utilizes group up problem solving to create customized training plans for each and every client and their companion. Our goal is always to ensure a healthy relationship is ongoing between human and canine and to foster this relationship by building on it with training.
  • Our techniques are based off of the principles of proven psychological theories. Components of B.F. Skinner’s Operant Conditioning and Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning combine to create Free Spirit’s unique training methods. Our coaches are educated in the scientific reasons behind your dog’s behaviour. This gives us an edge in problem solving and enables us to create customized training plans specific to the needs of each family.
  • We ensure a positive environment for learning is provided – everyone in the family will enjoy it! Free Spirit’s simple and proven techniques will help you understand your dog. After learning the Free Spirit methods, you’ll be able to read your dog’s behaviour and effectively communicate with your canine companion.
  • At the end of the day, we base our training around your relationship with your dog. It is important to us that you and your companion live together each day building on a foundation of trust and respect with the Free Spirit Methods.

“A well trained dog is just the by-product of a good relationship between human and canine.” – Hannah Eskow, Owner and Head Canine Coach


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