OneMind Dogs Foundation to Agility – For Puppies!

Puppies aren’t puppies forever.

The experiences you provide them with at this age determine who they will be as an adult dog.

Do you want a strong, leash-less connection with your puppy?

You can develop reliable off leash skills through agility foundation training.

Do you want a deep and meaningful bond with your new family member?

You can create that bond by becoming a team with your puppy. Nothing builds a team like the spot of agility.

Create a relationship that extends past the leash.

OneMind Dogs Foundation to Agility – For Puppies!

In this class you will learn how to ‘speak dog’ – communicate with your puppy in a way they naturally understand with the OneMind Dogs method. Our goal is for your to leave with a new found confidence in your relationship and ability to talk to your dog in their language!

Build your off leash working relationship with your puppy by teaching the foundations of agility through puppy-safe exercises.

Channel your dog’s energy into an engaging activity sure to develop a better bond between you and your pup.

Open to dogs under 1 year, must be non-aggressive towards humans or other dogs.

OneMind Dogs is the most innovative and inspiring way to approach your puppy training adventure. The system is based off of dog’s natural behaviours, making it easy to achieve effective human-dog communication without much repetition in training.

The foundations skills set your dog up for success in life, not just agility. Lay the building blocks for your puppy’s entire life. Over the course of 6 weeks, you will build your off leash working relationship with your puppy by teaching the foundations of agility through puppy-safe exercises. You will learn how to effectively communicate with your dog off leash, thus creating reliable off leash behaviours as you build the start of a successful career in agility. Even if you don’t continue with agility, agility foundation training is the best way to socialize your puppy with new environments and build confidence which ultimately creates trust between you and your dog.

With trust and a strong connection, you can develop reliable off leash skills right from puppyhood.

The class will be taught be Certified OneMind Dogs Instructor, Hannah Eskow. Have we peaked your interest? Learn more about OneMind Dogs!

What’s included?

Online learning materials on designed to help you best prepare for your classes! These articles and videos walk you through some preliminary exercises so you can get the most out of each class.

 Hands on training with a Certified OneMind Dogs Instructor every class. Hannah has studied under Leading Coaches of OneMind Dogs in Finland numerous times in order to deliver the most authentic and inspiring learning experience for her students.

Guaranteed one on one coaching time. You and your dog are a unique team – we want to support your unique training adventure. We guarantee customized coaching to create the ultimate training experience and help better your understanding of how to train your puppy.

Follow up support. Chat directly with Hannah via phone or email on any issues regarding your puppy between classes and after the set plus get ideas on how to continue your training adventure.

Entire 6 week package: $229+gst