Your Puppy is a Teenager!

Is your pup starting to push your buttons? Maybe they have developed some selective hearing…?

This is a totally normal period in your puppy’s life – however how you respond to the button pushing is critical. What you do in this time period determines how much respect you and your pup will have for eachother.

Now is the time to take action.

Right now, it is of the utmost importance that you stay consistent with your training and stick to your guns – even when your puppy is driving you crazy!

Time to Tame the Teen Spirit.

“Teen Dog” Programs

4 Week Puppy Life Games

Unique Free Spirit Dogs program specially designed to give you the tools to shape your puppy’s entire future in only 4 weeks – no matter how strong the teen spirit is. This class focuses on the life skills your puppy needs in order to become a good dog. We’ve turned these essential life skills into fun and effective games to shape your puppy into a well rounded dog and have fun doing it.

Open to puppies under 11 months old.

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OneMind Dogs Foundation to Agility – For Puppies!

Jump into agility with OneMind Dogs – the most innovative and inspiring way to approach your puppy training adventure. Build your off leash working relationship with your puppy by teaching the foundations of agility through puppy-safe exercises.

Channel your dog’s energy into an engaging activity sure to develop a better bond between you and your pup.

You will learn how to ‘speak dog’ to effectively communicate with your puppy thus creating reliable off leash behaviours as you build the start of a successful career in agility. The system is based off of dog’s natural behaviours, making it easy to achieve effective human-dog communication without much repetition in training. If you feel your dog has agility potential, this class is definitely for you.

Open to dogs under 1 year.

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In-Home “Teen Dog” Privates

Sometimes teen dogs give you a lot of grief… more than you can even fathom taking to a group class! That’s why we offer special private lessons directly in your home to help you tame that teen spirit right at the source.

  • Have a canine coach come to your house for one on one coaching through common issues such as nipping/biting, greeting people, doorbell craziness, chewing, potty training, crate training and any other reasons you’re pulling your hair out over the dog!
  • Extremely specific concerns? A private session is usually the best way to address individual issues with your four legged friend.
  • Includes customized training plan with follow up support via phone or email to help you continue the training on your own.

$125+gst / 1.5 hour session in your home

If you are interested in booking a private session please email our